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....Forgive me if I kill your sanity and Smartness
If I don't thank you for the faves you give me I am so sorry. I can't keep up with them and when i do DA thinks its spam. So here's a thank you in advance :heart: :iconthankyouplz: :heart:




I promise to Update Fiolee soon I am settling after a long time of nonstop stress


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
The end

Current Residence: U.S.A,
Favourite genre of music: Too many
Favourite photographer: IDk
Favourite style of art: I like any style Many original styles
MP3 player of choice: Mine Duh....
Wallpaper of choice: Shika-Ino
Skin of choice: Soul eater
Personal Quote: "indeed" "Np"
Honestly...kinda mad. I am being treated like a tool. Which is what all popular artist are treated as. I am not even popular really. But when I was offline and not updating my watcher count stayed the same... AS SOON as I update and it's not Fiolee...watcher count starts dropping...
Look...I don't care... cause as soon as I did update... More watchers replaced them...
Let's get ONE thing PERFECTLY clear....
This fiolee comic is because I WANT TO... Making a few of you happy in the process is a bonus... but here are the rules
1. Don't ask when the next one is coming out. 
    I don't know... I tend to want to relax rather that push out this comic regularly
2. Don't demand I do it NOW!!!!
    I understand some of you are doing it for flattery but to me it's rude... I am human and I have a live, can't drop it for you.
3. At least look at my other stuff...
    I'm not going to be drawing fiolee forever you need to decide whether or not you want to keep watching me.
Check out my tumblr.

To Do:

1. an old request of a gaia character prego
2. camy and her creeper

You see that shit??? I am swamped. The walking dead is my only "me" time really. this month has been...whoopie too... Lost my debit card, 2 papers due, dog legit ate my drawing homework. losing hanging out time with my friends. got into an argument with my best friend and now my phone is broken. The money I have WORKED MY ASS OFF TO BUILD UP is sloooooowly dropping back to 0!!! I have No time to get another job! and I AM GOING FUCKIN' NUTSO!!!!
sigh.... I love you guys, thanks for liking my Fiolee comic. and for the others who enjoy my other art...thank you so much... Its going to take a while...but ill get back to it... Please...send me your support in anyway. It'd be nice to hear good news from my watchers lives....sigh....
:iconexhaustedplz: :iconoverwhelmedplz: :iconsotiredplz: :iconimdeadplz: 

Ok so commissions YES I AM NEVER LETTING GO! College is a killer on the money part and I need my supplies  :/.
Plus I pay rent and i pay for multiple things on my own. I do not expect Commissions right away but I would very much be appreciative if you could spread the word about this if you like my art. Speaking of commissions MY TABLET IS CRAPPING OUT ON ME!!! so guess what is added to why i need commissions....

Payment is via Paypal or points.
It's all digital art unless you ask other wise.
Even tho I have prices here I will note you the price breakdown when you want one.
Payment first before I start working. But if you feel uncomfortable with that, 50% downpayment is fine and you can pay me fully when I finish it. It's easier to pay in full tho
It may take me a day or to or even a week or so to finish your commission. I have school and family matters like everyone else things change but I will get it done.

I have the right to decline if I can't do it and I will return the payment if you had paid already.
I can do almost anything except Hentia/porn/hardcore (my realism is not the best :/) 
I will do fluffy and what not.
Ref's are nice but not needed if you want a special out fit or anything ill design everything before hand and send it to you via note or Email for your ok. (you can give me email when you commission me)

All Digital:

Sketches/Line arts-
Marceline Lineart by Goofy47 (you can get more detail and shading if you ask, and different colored lines)
$1.00 One character Half/Full body ((or 80 points))
Add $0.50 for additional character ((or 40 points))
No back round

Flat Colored art-
Drop and Coal by Goofy47   Cole with her two true loves by Goofy47   Fionna and Marshall Lee by Goofy47  Epic Adventure Time by Goofy47
$2.00 one character Half/Full Body ((or 160 points))
Add $0.50 for additional characters ((or 40 points))
flat/plain/transparent background

Detailed Colored art-
You're not touching her by Goofy47   Im glad you came by Goofy47   Happy hippies comis by Goofy47  Finn and Marcy after an adventure by Goofy47
$8.00 one-two characters only Half/Full Body ((or 640 points))
Add $0.50 for additional characters ((or 40 points))
more detailed/Full background


Plain Adventure time style-
Fiolee 'THE WORD' Pt1 by Goofy47 Fiolee 'THE WORD' pt2 by Goofy47 Oppies kiss by Goofy47 (<-more of my style but you get it)
$1.00 For 1st page only 2-3 panels-> Adventure time comic layout ((or 80 points))  or $2.00 for 5-10 panels-> traditional comic layout (The most you'll get) ((or 160 points))
Add $0.25 for additional panels per page (for adventure time comic layout) ((or 20 points))
Add $0.50 for additional pages ((or 40 points))

No backround.
Detailed Adventure Time style
Door knob prank by Goofy47   PG and Cake Reaction to 'THE WORD' by Goofy47
$1.50 for 2-3 panels only-> Adventure time comic layout ((or 120 points)) or $3.00 for 5-10 panels-> traditional comic layout  (the most you'll get) ((or 240 points))
$0.50 for additional pages (for both) ((or 40 points))

Jay commission by Goofy47 (you can get more detail and shading for free if you ask, and different colored lines)
$3.00 One character Half/full body ((or 240 points))
Add $0.50 for additional characters ((or 40 points))
No Background
Colored Lineart
Get to know Goofy47 by Goofy47 Goofy47 playa by Goofy47 (Shading cost a little extra)
$5.00 One character Half/full body ((or 400 points))
Add $1.00 for additional characters((or 80 points))
Add $0.50 for Cell shading((or 40 points))
Plain/flat or No background
Detailed Colored
James and Natalie by Goofy47 (normally includes shading)
$9.00 Two characters Half/Full body ((or 720 points))
Add $1.00 for additional characters ((or 80 points))

(others to come soon)


A quote to live by:

"Even though we understand that each of us is different, what we fail to realize is that we are humans all the same."- Nicole Grady

So has a prance around in my local publix super-market, happy as can be. (although to my dismay no sushi is on display Boowhoo *i cry*) Colleting the items my mother dearest as sent me forth for. Reaching the express lane, with Buger bun, coleslaw, and mushrooms at hand, when.
"What, ho? Does my eyes decive me! A Purple colored liquid in the fridge?! My most favored of colors in a drinkable form? OH JOYEST OF ALL DAYS!"
Grabbing the drink of "ultra violet dew", I pay for my items and happly leave.
One sip of this drink sends a shock through out my Body and creats a bubbly smile on my face. Oh Mountain Dew you've done it again! You have contained god's jizz in a bottle and made it your own. YOU AMAZING GODS OF SODA YOU!!!

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Spectrum
  • Reading: Zombie days chapter 7
  • Watching: Pewdiepie

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